Free Raccoons…good home a must!

Seriously, anyone want a free raccoon? They are already trained to eat kitty kibble, and will gently approach you while you are sitting outside, to let you know the cat food bowl is empty.  They will even very softly take food out of your hand and let you pet them. They are a sweet and quiet little twosome. Not sure if they are the babies from last year, the ones who nested in the roof of our crappy shed. But they do seem familiar, in the true sense of the word. As in, to be familiar with someone, as opposed to ” hey, I recognize you”! No idea how fast raccoons grow, and really, no interest in knowing. Maybe they aren’t the same ones. Maybe they are from an early litter this year. But they aren’t full grown, and they are cute, and yes, I do know that I should not encourage them, shouldn’t feed them, I could get bit, they could attack my cats,  and ….talk to the hand. Maybe he’ll care.

I also seem to have an abundance of cats, lately. There is still old Corey, the ugliest, mangiest cat I think I’ve ever seen. Feral, growls at me as I try to feed him.  Two new black cats, Fluffy (oh, he is a cutey, would love a home, so sweet), Silver (solid grey, probably feral too), and a few others that look suspiciously too fat to be strays. I figure they just come for the company. I don’t mind the neighbor cats coming. What I do mind is a cat like Fluffy, who was obviously someone’s pet, who know finds himself on the streets in search of food. People, seriously, WTF??? If I can manage to take care of a monster herbivore ( aka Bailey), how fucking hard is it to look after a cat??? It’s not!!!! I know, cause I have five!! If you seriously can’t keep the animal, then do him a favour and bring him to the spca. At least they will put them down humanely rather than have your cat starve to death, cause he couldn’t find me! And the five that I have? Not really mine. The kittens, maybe. A stray that I took in, that had kittens. So we kept three, so yes, mine. Ty, he was a stray. I had him neutered and vaccinated. So, yeah, I guess kinda mine. But he is still not litter trained, and probably never will be. (No worries, he wakes me up at 5am to let me know he needs to go outside to pee.) Whitey, neighbor moved away on him. Nice. Leave a defenseless, completely declawed cat outside 24/7, so he comes inside my house  for the winter. (He is litter trained, BTW, and a total sweetheart, but I’ve never met a shyer scairdy cat.)

So there. Free raccoons anyone?



  1. jocelyne said,

    March 8, 2013 at 12:23 PM

    If you no of a place in Aylmer Quebec were there’s feral cats please let me know thank you… waiting jocelyne

  2. cindy smith said,

    March 24, 2013 at 5:49 PM


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